This is an Open Educational Resource (OER) produced by Dan Allosso, Ph.D. for his US History II class at Bemidji State University in northern Minnesota. Allosso uses some of the organizational format and some of the content from The American Yawp, an OER produced by a team of authors and editors associated with Stanford University in California. Allosso adopted the Yawp for his class to save students the expense of a commercial textbook. Originally planning to assign textbook chapters each week and lecture on additional material, Allosso decided after reading the first few chapters to delete some of the material covered in the text, edit the rest, and insert additional content he thought important to present to students. This is an instance of the “remix” element of the classic “5 Rs” of OER.


The author in New Hampshire, 2015.

The information page for the Yawp volume can be found here. Individual chapters will include credits of the authors and editors and editors of the source chapter or chapters. Any inaccuracies or omissions are the sole responsibility of the new volume’s author, who can be reached at

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