The partnership between Leadership Education and the Winona State University Krueger Library has been growing over the last few years.  As the graduate research component has developed, we have also examined ways in which to provide learning experiences and publishing opportunities for our graduate students.

One such project was to explore and use the new State of Minnesota subscription to Pressbooks.  Pressbooks is a platform which  provides an easy-to-use web interface and a variety of templates for digital publishing.  This book is the second book created by Dr. Barbara Holmes’s Change Leadership course and is the first book published through Pressbooks.  Our partnership will expand to using a Pressbooks template, assigning an ISBN number, and exploring the print publishing options available for students and the library for physical copies of this book.  This is a first step in the development of a streamlined process for e-book and print book publishing on our campus.  This project will join a larger effort and approach to capturing, showcasing, and preserving student, faculty and staff scholarship and creative output on our campus.

Kendall Larson
Coordinator of Digital Collections & Initiatives
Winona State University – Darrell W. Krueger Library


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