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Set-up and Access

Pressbooks uses geolocated IP authentication, so no sign-in authentication should be needed. The process works for the vast majority of Minnesota residents. Users must create an account to create, access, and save their book files.

If your library is not able to access Pressbooks, you can submit your IP address range(s) by contacting BiblioBoard support.

How patrons can access Pressbooks:

Post a link to https://mlpp.pressbooks.pub/ on your website. Minnesota libraries—public, academic, and everything in between—are welcome and encouraged to share this resource with their patrons. Below is sample language for describing this tool:

Interested in getting your novel, dissertation, poetry collection, or children’s book into ebook and print-ready formats? Pressbooks is an easy-to-use, online tool that allows you to create professional-quality versions of your book in ePUB, MOBI, PDF, and more formats.


See the Pressbooks website for the privacy policy.

Pressbooks Community of Interest (COI)

Join the MLPP Pressbooks Community of Interest!


The goal of the Pressbooks COI is to share best practices, challenges, and questions with colleagues related to the use of Pressbooks to support academic library publishing efforts in Minnesota.

Public librarians: Interested in connecting regarding the use of Pressbooks in public libraries? Contact Sarah Hawkins at MELSA – sarahh@melsa.org.


A well-defined structure in which to share this information (e.g. wiki/website to share documents, list to post questions, monthly virtual meetings).

Responsibilities of COI Members

  • Actively participate in COI communication
  • Define/refine the “Outcome” of the COI in collaboration with other members
  • Attend (virtual) meetings on schedule as defined by COI members (e.g. monthly)
  • Share campus experiences/ideas/questions with other members
  • Provide constructive feedback on other members’ experiences/ideas/questions
  • Contribute to the COI for one year (start date TBD)
  • Recommend details for continuation or discontinuation of COI given status of Pressbooks pilot at end of one-year term

Potential Topics the COI Might Explore

  • Best practices for outreach with library publishing
  • How can Pressbooks support Open Educational Resources (OER) creation?
  • How can Pressbooks support a digital repository?
  • Assessment of a library publishing program/activity
  • Distribution and discovery of OER authored materials
  • Strategic efforts to encourage or incentivize OER authoring


Please email pressbooks@umn.edu or use the Feedback Form with all your questions.

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