Section 504 of Rehabilitation Act of 1973

Students may be disabled under Section 504 even though the students do not require special education services. It is the intention of ISD 4107 to ensure that all students who are disabled within the definition of Section 504 are identified, evaluated, and provided appropriate educational services.


The district staff will consider the existence of a disability and possible Section 504 protection in the following circumstances:

When suspension or expulsion is being considered for any student;

When a student shows a pattern of not benefiting from the instruction being provided;

When a student returns to school after a serious illness or injury;

When a student exhibits a chronic health condition (lasting 6 months or longer);

When substance abuse is an issue; or

When a disability of any kind is suspected.


Referral, identification, planning, and review: The designated Section 504 building coordinator (Scott Anderson, Director) will utilize the following Section 504 process:


Step 1. Referral: Student, parent, or staff member who believe they are observing in another student substantially limited performance in one or more major life activities may refer the student by completing the Section 504 referral form and submitting it. The Section 504 committee will convene, review the referral, and based upon review of the student records, including academic, social, medical, and behavioral, will make a decision regarding the need to evaluate.

Step2. Does the student appear to have a disability under Section 504? If yes: The coordinator will proceed with the evaluation upon receipt of parent written permission. All evaluation activities deemed appropriate will be employed. The 504 committee will review the results of the evaluation. No final determination of whether the student will or will not be identified as a handicapped individual, within the meaning of Section 504, will be made by the committee without first inviting the parent/guardian to participate in a meeting considering such a determination. After initial evaluation activities have been completed, the coordinator will invite the parent to a final evaluation meeting.


Step 3. Develop accommodation plan: If the student qualifies as disabled under Section 504, the team will develop an accommodation plan for the student. The educational services shall be implemented as outlined in the Student Accommodation Plan. One individual will be designated as the case manager to monitor the implementation of the plan and the progress of the student.


Step 4. Periodic review: Each student accommodation plan will be reviewed periodically and at a minimum, the accommodation plan shall be reviewed every other year.


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