Parental Notification of a Hearing

A letter must be mailed or hand delivered to the parents or guardians of the student in question and a formal hearing must be scheduled 5-10 days after the parents receive the letter. The letter must include the following.

  1. A description of the disruptive behavior, a concise statement of alleged act on which charges are based and statement of possible penalty:
  2. Hearing Date and Time: both the student and the parents are encouraged to attend.
  3. Delays/Waivers/Failure to appear: the hearing will take place as scheduled unless the hearing authority grants a delay, or the student and parents agree to waive the hearing and comply voluntarily with the proposed disciplinary action or with a negotiated penalty. Warning: A failure to appear will not delay the hearing and may lead to imposition of the imposed penalty by default.
  4. Right to Representation: The student has the right to be represented at the hearing by legal counsel, a parent or some other representative. This representative must be designated in a written notice, filed at least 72 hours before the hearing, with the director.
  5. Description of the procedures of the hearing: The formal hearing is not a trial. It is an administrative hearing designed to ensure calm, orderly determination by an impartial hearing authority of the facts of a case of alleged misconduct. Technical rules of evidence and procedure do not apply. For further information regarding the procedure of the hearing, please see attached.
  6. Contact Person: Scott Anderson, Director, Voyageurs Expeditionary School, 3724 Bemidji Ave. North, Bemidji, MN 56601. Student and family may request a delay, assign a representative to speak, discuss the evidence to be presented, or seek further information from this contact person.


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