Graduation Requirements

Credit Requirements

4 Credits of Math: Basic Algebra; Algebra IB; Geometry; Algebra II; Finite Math

3.5 Credits of Science: Physical Science (1 cr.); Biology (1 cr.); Chemistry (1 cr.); Environmental Science Experiences (.5 cr)

4 Credits of Social Studies: Civics(.5 cr); Geography(.5 cr) ; History(1cr.); US History(1cr.); Economics(.5 cr); Social Studies Elective(.5)

4 Credits of English Language Arts  

1 Credit of Fine Arts

.5 Credit of Senior Project  

7 Electives

Credit Totals

24 Total Credits for students graduating in 2020

23 Total Credits for 2021 graduates and

22 Total Credits for 2022 and beyond.


All graduating seniors must be able to show evidence that they will be within 1 credit of graduation by May 15th of their graduation year in order to participate in graduation ceremonies.


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