27 Practice: Case Study on Immigration

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What does it mean to be an immigrant in the United States? Creative Commons photo by pexel.com.

You and your class can consider the topic of Immigration from a wide variety of news sources:


As you discuss this topic, consider how you could make this work for a Persuasive Speech.

  • Is this the best “general purpose” for this speech topic?
  • What must you do to maintain objective?
  • What must you do to become credible?
  • Where can you search local and state data, laws, policy on this topic?
  • How might state and national laws vary?


creative commons photo @ pexel.com


As you consider the topic of immigration, try to look at a variety of sources.  Listening to the BBC or another international news station for a week will give you another perspective entirely.  Also, as you think about sources, remember to evaluate the sources too.  There are several tutorials on how to assess a source and you will do this as you select your sources for your speeches.

Cornell offers a complete tutorial on the evaluation of information: http://guides.library.cornell.edu/evaluate_news .




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