Transportation of Public School Students

School Bus Stops and Route Guidelines and Procedures

The Transportation Department has provided the following information to familiarize you with our District guidelines and procedures related to the bus routes and bus stops.  Our primary goal is the safe transportation of students to and from school. It is also important that parents assume a scope of responsibility at the bus stop, including getting children to and from bus stops.

In establishing bus schedules, the objective is to arrange for buses to arrive at school no later than ten (10) minutes before the scheduled beginning of classes and have the students on the bus the least amount of time.  All pertinent rules and regulations of the State of Minnesota and its agencies are followed in planning routes, determining stops, etc. Our Bus Drivers will be going up to the house for our students if you know ahead of time that you will not be going to school contact Soren at the School.


  • Transportation Procedures:

    A. Minnesota  State law has a significant impact on our operating procedures. These regulations include distance requirements that are intended to assure that buses operate in a safe manner and be easily seen by motorist. The two fundamental criteria used in determining bus routes and stops are safety and efficiency of scheduling.




  • Safety of Routes/Stops:

    A. State laws related to school bus transportation must be met.  Students are not scheduled to cross main roads to reach their bus stop.  For safe pick-up and drop-off, students need to have a consistent established schedule for both AM and PM locations. Pick-up and drop-off locations may be different, but they need to be consistent and regular. For example, students with split families (2 households) can have one AM location and one PM location for each household. Students will be picked-up and dropped-off only at their designated stop unless they have a note from a parent or guardian.  A daycare stop can be included in a student’s regular schedule. Bus stops will be permanent whenever practical, allowing the public to become familiar with stop locations.



  • Efficiency of Routes:

    A. Private driveways must be at least 20 feet wide.  Be kept clear of snow, ice, vehicles and other obstructions that would prevent safe travel of school buses.



  • Transporting Instruments and other objects:

B. THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE NOT PERMITTED ON THE SCHOOL BUSES:  Animals, insects, hazardous materials, knives, guns, flammable solutions, skateboards, skis, ski poles, fishing gear, hockey sticks, baseball bats, golf clubs, sleds, oversized school projects.


  1. Have students properly dressed and ready to board the bus when it arrives, the bus can`t sit and wait and stay on schedule.  No child will be transported in any District vehicle without a jacket, pants, closed toed shoes or boots, during the winter months.
  2. Recognize that it is a privilege not a right for your child to ride the bus.
  3. Review the bus stop rules with your children.
  4. Recognize your child will be picked-up and dropped-off only at their designated stop unless they have a note from a parent or guardian.





Regular to and from School Transportation.  It shall be the policy of Independent School District #363 to make available transportation services to all students given the following guidelines:

The Supervisor of Transportation or designee shall establish bus stops and  shall administer such bus stops in the following manner.

  1. All students in Preschool through 12 will be picked up and delivered at their driveways or or designated bus stop.
  2. The Supervisor of Transportation is hereby authorized to designate bus stops as group pickup and delivery points whenever reasonable and practical.   Pupils in grades Preschool through 12 may be expected to walk a distance not to exceed three- tenths (3/10`s) of a mile. Pupils on late activity bus routes may be expected to walk a distance not exceed three- tenth`s  (3/10,s) of a mile.
  3. Bus stops may be designated on private property when serving an apartment complex or mobile home park.
  4. Private driveways of less than three-tenth (3/10,s) of a mile will not be entered. Private driveways greater than three tenth (3- 10`s) of a mile, shall only be entered after approval of the  Supervisor of Transportation.
  5. Consideration for approval will be based upon distance,  maintenance level of the driveway and adequacy of the bus turnaround area


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