Search of the Interior of A Student’s Motor Vehicle

The interior of a student’s motor vehicle in a school district location, including the glove and trunk compartments, may be searched when school officials have a reasonable suspicion that the search will uncover a violation of law and/or school policy or rule. The search will be reasonable in its scope and intrusiveness. Such searches may be conducted without notice, without consent, and without a search warrant. A student will be subject to withdrawal of parking privileges and to discipline if the student refuses to open a locked motor vehicle or its compartments under the student’s control upon the request of a school official.


  1. Prohibition of Contraband and Interference with Patrols, Inspections, Searches and/or Seizures: It shall be a violation of this policy for students to store or carry contraband in motor vehicles in a school district location or to interfere with patrols, inspection, searches, and/or seizures as provided by this policy.
  2. Seizure of Contraband: If a search yields contraband, school officials will seize the item and may turn it over to legal officials for ultimate disposition when appropriate.
  3. Violations: A student found to have violated this policy and/or the directives and guidelines implementing it shall be subject to withdrawal of parking privileges  and/or to discipline in accordance with the school district’s student discipline policy, which may include suspension, exclusion, or expulsion. In addition, the student may be referred to legal official when appropriate.
  4. Definitions and further information may be found in the school district policy manual.


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