Parking on School District Property — Students

The school district allows limited use and parking of motor vehicles by students in designated parking areas subject to the following rules:


  • Parking a motor vehicle on school property during the school day is a privilege;
  • Students are not permitted to use motor vehicles during the school day in any school district locations unless an emergency occurs and permission has been granted to the student by the Principal/Administrator/designee.
  • Students are permitted to use motor vehicles on the high school campus(es) only before and after the school day;
  • Unauthorized vehicles parked on school district property may be towed at the expense of the owner or operator.


The school district may conduct routine patrols of school district properties and inspections of the exteriors of the motor vehicles of students. Interiors of students’ vehicles in school district locations may be searched when school officials have a reasonable suspicion that the search will uncover a violation of law and/or school policy or rule. If a search yields contraband, school officials may seize the item and may turn it over to legal authorities when appropriate. A student who violates this policy may be subject to withdrawal of parking privileges and/or discipline according to the school district’s “Student Discipline” policy.


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