Cost of Lunches:  The charge for full price student lunches is set by the school board yearly prior to the beginning of the school year.  The school office will assign each student a personal identification number (PIN).

  1. Students eating the school lunch or bringing their lunch from  home must eat in the school cafeteria.
  2. No soft drinks are allowed in the cafeteria during the noon period.
  3. Students will line up and punch in their own PIN into the system as they go through the line.
  4. The lunch line monitor will verify that each student is correctly identified.
  5. Lactose free milk will be offered to students at the same price as regular milk for those students that are Lactose intolerant.


Free and Reduced Lunches:   Free and reduced meals are available for students of parents eligible to participate.  Arrangements for these meals are made through the office on a confidential basis. Families using free or reduced meals must reapply yearly.  Please do so the first day. For more information regarding eligibility for free and reduced price meals, contact the School Secretary.


Behavior in the Lunchroom:  Students are asked to use good manners and judgment.

  1. Students using improper lunchroom behavior may have their lunchroom privileges revoked for a period of time and may receive a detention.
  2. All food containers, trays, utensils received by a student must be “bussed” by the student.
  3. Student admission to the lunchroom is based on seniority. Starting with 12 grade and ending with 7th grade during the high school lunch hour.  Students are not to “jump” forward in the line or reserve spaces for friends.
  4. Lunch is to be eaten in designated areas only, and all food should be consumed prior to leaving the lunchroom.


Indus Magnet School K-12 Student Handbook Copyright © by SOUTH KOOCHICHING-RAINY RIVER SCHOOL DISTRICT MN #363. All Rights Reserved.

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