Health Information — Medications at School During the School Day

The school district acknowledges that some students may require prescribed drugs or medication during the school day. The administration of prescription medication or drugs at school requires a completed signed request from the student’s parent. A “ Prescription Medications” form must be completed once a year and/or when a change in the prescription or requirements for administration occurs. Prescription medications must be brought to school in the original container labeled for the student by a pharmacist, and must be administered in a manner consistent with the instructions on the label. Prescription medications are not to be carried by the student, but will be left with the appropriate school personnel.

Exceptions that may be allowed include:  prescription asthma medications administered with an inhaler pursuant to school district policy and procedures, medications administered as noted in a written agreement between the school district and parent or as specified in an Individualized Education Program (IEP), a plan developed under Section 504 of  Rehabilitation Act (§504 Plan), or an individual health plan (IHP). Marijuana is not allowed on school property even if prescribed. The school district is to be notified of any change in a student’s prescription medication administration. Please contact the office, or the School Nurse, for further details.


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