Graduation Requirements*

*Notice required by Statute.

Students must meet all course credit requirements and graduation standards, as established by the state and the school board, in order to graduate from SKRR Schools/Indus  School. Students must also take and/or pass the state-identified proficiency tests, Minnesota comprehensive assessments, Minn, alternate assessments, and/or other applicable tests, if required by Minnesota state statute.

Courses for Jr. High:

Normally all classes offered for grades 7 and 8 will be required. Students will have a choice between band and/or choir. They must participate in one of the two for at least semester one of their 7th and 8th grade year to meet the state standards in the fine arts.

Graduation Requirements:  

Twenty-six credits are required to be earned in grades 9-12, to earn a high school diploma.  Credits are earned on a semester basis. Upon the successful completion of any class that meets every day during a semester, a student earns one-half of a credit.  This requirement may be waived and a student may earn one-fourth of a credit, if he/she successfully completes a quarter’s work in a class and then withdraws from that class.  This waiver can only be granted with the approval of the instructor involved and the principal/administrative assistant. The twenty-six credits needed for graduation shall be made up of required and elective courses approved by the State Department of Education and the Board of Trustees of the local district.  A student must have satisfactorily completed:

  1. 4 credits in English which meet the state Language Arts Standards.
  2. 4 credits in Social Studies which meet the state Social Studies Standards and include US History, Geography, World History, Economics and American Government (or their approved equivalent).
  3. 1 credit total of Physical Education and Health with a minimum of .5 credits in each.
  4. 3 credits in Math in grades 9, 10,11, or 12. One credit must be Geometry.  One credit must be Algebra II or its equivalent. Students who take Algebra I as a 9th grader will receive elective credit and must take and pass an additional 3 math courses to graduate.
  1. 3 credits in science, which meet the state Science Standards. One credit Physical Science, 1 credit Biology, and 1 credit of either Chemistry/ Physics, or equivalent meeting the Chemistry/Physics requirements.
  2. 1 credit in the Arts (music or visual arts.
  3. .5 credit in Consumer Education. . It can be waived if students elect to take a 4th credit in higher level math or 4th credit in higher level science.
  4. The remainder of the 26 required credits are from the elective areas.
  5. A student who forgoes all or part of his/her senior year and obtains GED certificate shall not be eligible to take part in graduation ceremonies.
  6. A student who is under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or any other controlled substance will not be allowed to take part in his/her graduation ceremony.   The principal/administrative assistant and class advisor(s) shall have the final say as to whether or not a student has violated this requirement.
  7. Only those members of the senior class who have successfully completed all requirements for graduation by 3:15 p.m. on graduation day will be allowed to participate in Indus graduation ceremonies.  Foreign exchange students must meet the same graduation requirements as all other students.
  1.  Seniors who are suspended or receive ISS during the last two weeks of school, may not be allowed to walk at graduation.


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