Students’ grades will be reported four times during the year. Report cards will be mailed home for high school students.  Elementary student will have report cards sent home with them. Online grade reports may be reviewed at:

Grading System:  A report of student progress will be made every nine or ten weeks. Letter grades (such as A, B, & C) will be given concerning the student’s work with the exception of teacher’s assistants, and school to work programs. which will be graded on a Pass/No Pass scale.  The report card issued to a student at each grading period need not be returned to the school.

  1. Different teachers, because of various subject requirements and procedures, may use different marking or grading procedures.  Teachers have been asked to acquaint you with their grading procedures, JMC Portail via school website/or parent-teacher conferences and you should check with them if you have any questions.
  2. Progress reports shall be sent home at the end of each 5th week of a nine-week grading period or at any time a student’s work is not satisfactory.  The purpose of these reports is to indicate a pupil’s current grades.
  3. If a student receives an unsatisfactory report, students and parents are encouraged to contact the teacher for a conference to help  remedy the deficiency.
  4. Student grades in 7-12 are posted and updated regularly on the JMC Portal that parents can be accessed through our Indus website.  Parents will be given a password from the office and are strongly encouraged to check that site often. Any questions about the grades should be directed to the teacher of that class.


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