*Notice required by statute.

Materials that are part of the basic educational program are provided with state, federal, and local funds at no charge to a student. Students are expected to provide their own pencils, paper, erasers, and notebooks. Students may be required to pay certain other fees or deposits, including (not an inclusive list):

  • Cost for materials for a class project that exceeds minimum requirements and is kept by the student.
  • Security deposits for the return of materials, supplies, or equipment.
  • Field trips considered supplementary to the district’s educational program.
  • Admission fees or costs to attend or participate in optional extracurricular activities and programs.
  • Voluntarily purchased student health and accident insurance.
  • Use of musical instruments owned or rented by the school district.
  • Transportation of students to and from optional extracurricular activities or post-secondary instruction conducted at locations other than school.
  • Students will be charged for textbooks, workbooks, and library books that are lost or destroyed. The school district may waive a required fee or deposit if the student and parent/guardian are unable to pay.


For more information, contact the school office.


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