Drug-Free School and Workplace

The possession and use of alcohol, controlled substances, and toxic substances are prohibited at school or in any other school location before, during, or after school hours. Paraphernalia associated with controlled substances also is prohibited. The school district will discipline or take appropriate action against anyone who violates this policy.


District policy is not violated when a person brings a controlled substance which has a currently accepted medical treatment use onto a school location for personal use if the person has a physician’s prescription for the substance except marijuana is not allowed on school property even if prescribed. Students who have prescriptions must comply with the school district’s “Student Medication” policy. The school district will provide an instructional program in every elementary and secondary school on chemical abuse and the prevention of chemical dependency.


Indus Magnet School K-12 Student Handbook Copyright © by SOUTH KOOCHICHING-RAINY RIVER SCHOOL DISTRICT MN #363. All Rights Reserved.

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