Cell Phones, Pagers, and Other Electronic Communication Devices

Students are prohibited from using cell phones, pagers, and other electronic communication devices during the instructional day. Students also are prohibited from using a cell phone or other electronic communication device to engage in conduct prohibited by school district policies including, but not limited to, cheating, bullying, harassment, gang activity, etc.  If the school district has a reasonable suspicion that a student has violated a school rule or law by use of a cell phone or other electronic device, the school district may search the device. The search of the device will be reasonably related in scope to the circumstances justifying the search. Students who use an electronic device during the school day and/or in violation of school district policies may be subject to disciplinary action pursuant to the school district’s discipline policy.

In addition, a student’s cell phone or electronic device may be confiscated by the school district and, if applicable, provided to law enforcement.  Cell phones or other electronic devices that are confiscated and retained by the school district will be returned in accordance with school building procedures.

Personal Electronic Equipment:

Electronics including hand-held video games, MP3 players, iPods, laser pointers, walkie talkies, Blackberries and other electronic devices may not be used during school hours unless permitted by the classroom teacher.

  1.  Cell phones will be handed during home room and picked up after school in the office.
  2. The only time students will be permitted to use them is during the last day of school if teacher permits for activities in their classroom.
  3. No cell phones, recording and/or video devices are allowed in the locker rooms or bathrooms at any time.
  4. If any staff see this equipment at any time they will take device and bring it to the office.



  1. Upon first violation, the device will be taken away from the student and brought to the office.  A disciplinary referral will be written and their item will be brought to the office and the student will be allowed to pick  up the device at the end of the next school day.
  2. Second violation, the device will be taken away and brought to the office with a parent phone call and  2 lunch detention.


The following is a list of major concerns for using personal electronic devices during school hours:

  1. Disruptive to the educational environment
  2. Can be used to cheat on exams
  3. Camera phones are an invasion of privacy and there are legal concerns about having them in locker rooms and bathrooms.
  4. Cell phones have been used for calling in bomb threats and, in many cases, are not traceable.
  5. Students’ use of cell phones could potentially detonate a real bomb if one is actually on campus.
  6. Cell phone use by students can impede public safety response.


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