Disclaimer, Acknowledgement & Dedication


Acknowledgements: The material in this text consists of many screenshots of Microsoft® Office 365 using Windows 10.

The goal of this text was to create a resource for students that was effective, concise and cost-effective. This text will not include extra content that does not align with course outcomes. This conciseness is designed to be keep the material on-point, and keep printing costs low.

Disclaimer: This text was written using Microsoft Windows 10 Professional and Office 365 Professional. Considerable effort was given to verify the accuracy of information presented. However, due to the continuous improvements made to both the operating system and individual software applications, your experience could vary slightly from the time this material was compiled and printed.

Dedication: I dedicate my contributions to this text to the three most important pages in my book of life: Annmarie, Hayden and Julia. Thank you for your patience and love!


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